Multifamily Services we offer

We specialize in proactive management instead of reactive management. We apply this perspective to every asset we manage - integrated preventative maintenance, detailed financial analysis and budgeting, and occupier retention strategies that will optimize our client’s ROI.

Services Include:

  • On-Site Property Management
  • Leasing and Marketing
  • Section 8, State County Program Management
  • Occupier Retention Programs
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations
  • Budgeting, Cash Flow, & Capital Expenditure Projections


  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Building Inspections & Safety
  • Vendor Invoice Processing
  • Service Technician Staffing & Supervision
  • On-call, 24/7 Emergency Response
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We create communities. We care about the physical, social, and mental health of the people who live in the communities we build by implementing innovative occupier retention activities. By increasing occupier retention, we add value to the owner's asset and exceed the client's financial goals.

Affordable Housing

We understand the complexity of affordable housing and specialize in creative solutions for maximizing rents and occupier retention for our clients.

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The home speaks to the heart. It's where you can be your true, authentic self! At home, you relax, you dream, and you create. Home is where your soul resides. At Melan PM, we build community. We know that having a home means everything to everyone. Our leasing experts implement leasing game plans and incorporate fair housing every step of the way!


We make marketing simple while generating foot traffic. We realize that every lease matters and understand the power of choice. Our marketing designs meet prospective occupiers where they are in life. We thoughtfully plan and execute strategic marketing plans customizable to each apartment community, spotlighting the attributes that matter, including spacious living, expansive landscapes, and wellness-driven design.

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Property Management

We streamline our daily management processes to maximize asset performance and increase cash flow. Our expert team members stand ready to give critical insight and deliver world-class CUSTOM service to our clients and their occupiers for every building classification of service.


e love lease-ups! To maximize hem, we start marketing before construction is complete. Brand identity is the foundation of a successful lease-up. We know the brand concept, look, and graphics help build a marketing list of hot prospects. We focus on building anticipation and excitement to drive traffic to the community website and social media channels.
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Property Transitions

We simplify the property transition process when taking over a property. We know a smooth transition with occupiers is critical. Our property managers and accounting team use our transition resource center to ensure a successful management takeover.

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