How To Help Your Residents Bounce Back After Being Laid Off

Being laid off from a job can be devastating, especially if you aren’t sure where you will go next. Unfortunately, layoffs ran rampant in the last year, putting millions of people without a job, and many facing evictions. This not only hurts the families, but you as a landlord. Now that many areas of the country are reopening and jobs are becoming easier to find, it’s time for many people to reenter the job force. Here are 4 tips landlords can offer to their residents on how to bounce back after being laid off.

How To Help Your Tenants Bounce Back After Being Laid Off

Tip 1: Evaluate Your Resume

Before anyone begins applying for jobs, they should take the time to evaluate their resume. Since so many people have been laid off this past year, there may be a lot of applicants for each available job. Evaluating your resume to make sure it sounds professional and gives an accurate representation of your past work history and achievements will be key in landing your next role. Make sure the work history is complete, the skills list updated, and contact information is up-to-date.

If your resident isn’t sure that their resume would make the cut, Melan Property Management’s Founder and CEO, Byrdy Kelley, is currently offering free resume advice as a part of her Inclusive Talks initiative. Byrdy is CEO and founder of two additional businesses, REAME and BYRDYLYNN. Inclusive Talks is an extension of the BYRDYLYNN brand and allows people to feel empowered and build their confidence. To help people get back in the workforce and snag the job they want, she will look over their resume and give advice from a hiring manager’s perspective. She will be brutally honest and share if the resume will make the cut.

Tip 2: Create A Base Cover Letter

Cover letters are a great way to show that a person is professional, and will help them introduce themselves and give a quick overview of their qualifications. If a person will be applying for jobs of mostly the same type, suggest creating a base cover letter that can be copied and tailored to each job being applied for. Having the letter pre-written will save time when applying for multiple jobs. Simply change the greeting and tailor the intro to the specific job being applied for and you’re good to go! Here is a short example:

Dear *Hiring Manager*,

My name is *** and I would love to be considered for the *** position that you have available. With my ### years of experience doing ***, I think that I would be a great fit. My previous position as (insert previous job title here) gives me the experience needed to help your company succeed. I am hard-working, punctual, and love solving problems.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Tip 3: Participate In A Mock Interview

The interview process can be stressful for many reasons. Maybe you’re an introvert, or just really need to land this new job. Either way, you can greatly benefit from a mock interview. As part of her Inclusive Talks initiative, Byrdy is also offering free mock interviews to those who may need the extra assistance in entering or reentering the workforce. This is a great way to practice with a professional before the official interview, gaining priceless knowledge to advance your interviewing skills. Pair this with her resume advice and you’ll have a great advantage over your “competitors”!

Tip 4: Dress Appropriately

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”? Well if not, now you have. A person should always dress professionally for their interviews. It is better to over-dress than under-dress. It shows the interviewer that you take the job seriously. Even if the interview is virtual, still dress like you’re meeting them in person. It won’t only show your professionalism, but it will give you a boost in confidence, as well!

Bonus Tip For Employers

Are you a leader who finds it difficult to address diversity and inclusion in your organization? Are you working in an organization where you are the only one who looks like you? Minority business mentors are key to building a sustainable future in any business. During this time in our country, it is important to have inclusive talks. As the last piece of Byrdy’s Inclusive Talks initiative, she is offering free 30-minute consultations on diversity and inclusion for both the employer and the employee. Whether you want to discuss a situation you need advice on, or you need advice on how to start a diversity and inclusion committee at your job, Byrdy’s ready to listen!

We hope you found these four tips on how to bounce back after being laid off beneficial, and that you’ll openly share them with your tenants who are in-between jobs. Let them know that they have people who care in their corner. If you’d like further assistance, reach out to Byrdy Kelley through the Contact Page, or her other website at

Good luck!

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