Top 3 Reasons To Market A Healthy Building Environment

A healthy work environment is of utmost importance these days, and that likely will not change any time soon. No matter the type of building you own or manage, if you are trying to keep or gain tenants, marketing a healthy environment should be at the top of your to-do list. Here are the top 3 reasons to market a healthy building environment, and some great ways to do just that.

Reasons to Market A Healthy Building Environment

Tenant Retention

Tenant retention is obviously a high-priority for any commercial building owner. In today’s health-conscious world, a healthy building environment will go a long way in making your tenants feel welcome. When your tenants feel like you are taking their health seriously (and the health of their employees or families!), they will feel much more comfortable being in your building. Hopefully this will result in a very long landlord/tenant relationship!

Attract New Tenants

Another great reason to promote a healthy building environment is to attract new tenants. Like stated above, many tenants want to know that their landlord takes health seriously. And this should include both physical and mental health! Once you have a healthy building environment in place, let people know about it. If a business owner is looking for a new space, seeing that you prioritize good health may just land you a new tenant! We will give you some ideas for this in a minute…

It Points To A Sustainable Future For The Building

Sustainability is also very important to a growing number of people, and showing that you are committed to a healthy environment is a great way to also show your dedication to sustainability. When you keep a building clean and well-maintained, that helps the building to last considerably longer, and less repairs to be needed. This maintenance can range from simple things like keeping windows clean and weeds pulled to larger things like HVAC choices and maintenance. You’ll not only keep repair costs down, but you’ll also have a clean, professional looking space that will keep your tenants happy…and hopefully bring in more!

You now know the why…but how?

So you know why you should promote a healthy commercial environment, but how do you do it? In the times of Covid-19, creating a healthy building environment may look like posting fun signage that promotes mask wearing and social distancing. Since there are many people against the mask and social distancing guidelines, try to make the signage fun and encouraging. Having hand sanitizer stations and free masks available in public locations is also a great way to show your commitment to stopping the spread of the disease.

Going forward, you can also promote a healthy building environment by not allowing smoking on the premises. This will not only keep the tenants and you healthier, but you may also make the property more inviting to visitors or customers. You may also consider a ban on vaping, as well.

Now for the real fun…

Another fun way to promote a healthy environment for your building is to have outdoor activities regularly scheduled with your tenants! This could be something as simple as a Saturday morning walk in the neighborhood, or it could be something more structured like a monthly potluck, picnic, or event. Depending on the types of commercial tenants you have, this could even look like a catered event with outdoor games and a concert. People in the neighboring areas could catch on to the activities and maybe start looking for an opening to pop up in the building, or know someone who’s looking! Either way, it would create great camaraderie in the community (Hello, good mental health!) and get people outside to have fun and be active! Win win!

So tell us below: How do you create a healthy building environment? Is this something you need to start? We would love to hear from you! If you’d like a property manager that will help you implement all these ideas, contact Melan Property Managment today!

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