5 Welcome Gift Ideas for Your Commercial Tenant

How do you show appreciation to your new tenants? Whether you own a high rise, a commercial building, or even a multi-family property, creating a welcoming atmosphere from the start is crucially important. Because of that, we are giving you five welcome gift ideas for your tenants.

5 Welcome Gift Ideas For Your Commercial Tenants

A Hand-Written Thank You Note or Card

Yes, snail mail is all but dead, but a hand-written note or thank you card still shows your appreciation for their business. Don’t just sign your name to the bottom of the card and call it good, though. Take a few moments to write out your reasons for being appreciative of their business making a home in your property. They are a business owner, too, so use that to your advantage. Tell them what it means to you that they chose your property. Give good wishes on the success of their business. Something that shows them you understand business and that their decision to choose your location was a good one!

A Thoughtful Gift Card

Gift cards work well with thank you cards, but the key is making it for a thoughtful place. Regardless of the type of building you own, you could give new tenants a gift card for a coffee shop or restaurant in the neighborhood. If there aren’t any coffee shops or restaurants in the neighborhood, Starbucks or Panera Bread is usually a good bet. For commercial tenants, Amazon is a great option since they carry a wide variety of office supplies. If the tenant will be doing a lot of remodeling to the space, Home Depot or Lowes would work well! For apartment building owners, gifting your new renters an Amazon or Target gift card would go a long way in welcoming them to your property!

A Coffee Mug

Along with the thank you card, you could gift your new tenants a coffee mug! Most adults drink coffee or tea, so it’s usually a safe bet. The mug could have your logo on it, or it could be personal to the area your property is in. For instance, a mug with the skyline of your closest city or a local landmark on it. You could also go the “fun coffee mug” route and give them one with a funny or uplifting saying on it. Just keep it clean so you don’t offend anyone.

Maps and/or Brochures of The Area

Another thoughtful gift for new tenants is a set of maps and/or brochures relevant to the local neighborhood and surrounding area. This could be super helpful for tenants that are completely new to the area! Brochures are great at helping them find new places to try out and experience, and the maps will help them familiarize themselves with the locale. Yes, all of this information is readily-available online, but coming from their new landlord will make it personal for them and is sure to show your appreciation.

Something Specific To Each Tenant

Lastly, I want to encourage you to get to know your tenant a little in the rental agreement process. Go past the financials and get to know them. Are they new to the area? Do they have other storefronts or offices? Do they have a hobby that they’re passionate about? Not only will this help you to relate to them better throughout your entire rental relationship, but it will also help you find something you can give them as a welcome gift. Do they love to plant flowers and spend time outside? Give them a houseplant. Are they new to the city? Give them the maps and brochures talked about above. Do they have kids? Give them a coffee mug with a Starbucks gift card in it, or a gift card to a nice restaurant for date night. Something to show that you were truly listening and care.

I hope you were able to get some great welcome gift ideas for your new and upcoming commercial tenants. Starting the relationship off on the right foot is incredibly important and will go a long way in making it more enjoyable for both of you! If you’d like help coming up with more ideas on creating a welcoming, sustainable environment, contact Byrdy Kelley today!

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