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As we move past 2021, we encourage everyone to look forward to positive outcomes in 2022. Live, work & play has never become more meaningful until the COVID-19 pandemic. We know life has changed as we know it, and now, more than ever, how you invest your time, money, and energy is important. At Melan, we want you to know, we are in this together and wish everyone good health and safekeeping during these times. We are resilient!

Praying for your continued safety and well being.

~The Melan PM Team

Montgomery County, Maryland  

COVID-19 Rent Relief Program / Rental Assistance

COVID-19 Testing Sites

New Resources Available for Renters and Landlords: Renters and landlords who don’t know where to turn can use a new website from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This website makes it easy to find rental assistance provider in your area. Spread the word that people can go to to find help paying rent.

Social distancing at work. Two young diverse business colleagues wearing face protective masks bumping elbows, greeting each other while working during covid 19 quarantine. Preventing coronavirus

The federal government passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which will assist any businesses that may be struggling or their employees. Helpful links with information and websites are listed below for you to evaluate what programs will work for you:

Additional Covid-19 Resources



Covid-19 data map

Public restrictions and reopening

Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 Information

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