What Is Viable Sustainability?

At Melan Property Management, our mission is to deliver viable sustainability economically, socially, and environmentally to our clients and their tenants in every asset we manage. Our corporate governance lens is focused on building economic, social, and environmental strategies that build sustainable communities in which we live, work and play. We believe these building blocks are imperative to achieving our clients’ goals and creating culture within each asset’s tenant base. It’s a holistic approach and solution that paves a clear path to purpose-led, sustainable business. This path builds resilience and drives profitable and measurable growth. We will deliver best-in-class CUSTOM service to each of our clients by formulating a solution to their goals upfront, and implementing a plan to achieve those goals and more. Today, sustainability is no longer a siloed concept and should be embedded in every company’s business strategy and operations.

How We Deliver Viable Sustainability Economically

How can we conserve resources economically? Our team manages economic growth while paying special attention not to negatively impact social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the community. Retention creates economic sustainability for landlords and property owners. The goal of any property investor is to create consistent income. Our goal as a property management company is to help real estate investors increase their retention rates by creating a unique experience for their tenants, optimizing ROI. Long-term cost for the use of resources, both human and material, are included in our economic calculations.

We appreciate the finite details in an assets financial story. We look at every expense and ensure that we are saving what we can, where we can. Reducing costs and reevaluating contracts every three to four years maximizes the owner’s return on their investments. An integral part of our company exists to ensure the way we manage enhances the communities that surround us and builds community within the tenant base. We research how we can conserve an asset’s natural resources long-term. We know that market trends and the global economy play an integral role for long-term economic sustainability concerns in the present and the future.

How We Deliver Viable Sustainability Socially

Today, building the culture of community is vital to the success of an asset’s financial performance. Identifying and managing business impacts on people, both positive and negative, helps create quality relationships with owners and their shareholders. However, our team knows owners’ goals will not be realized if the tenant base is unhappy. Happy tenants, happy landlords! Tenant retention is essential to rent revenue growth and stabilizing an assets occupancy. Retention rates rise by making tenants feel welcome, as well as by creating a community that is inviting, diverse, and inclusive. When you create the community that people want to be in, you will have a better retention rate, as well as increased property values for everyone in the community.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of how we do business. Our management plans at Melan incorporate the planning of the social aspect of an assets tenant base. We develop policies and procedures that polish our front-line operations and train our team to manage social issues that include human rights, fair housing, living conditions, health, safety, wellness, diversity, equity, work-live-play balance, philanthropy, and more.  

The Melan teams’ goals include creating open spaces for social collaboration, and think space in buildings. We believe this breeds a more diversity-inclusive culture and sets the tone for a renewed mindset of what’s important to all people. Evaluating social issues in the present and implementing innovative solitons creates a sustainable future for all.

How We Deliver Viable Sustainability Environmentally

When people hear the word “sustainable”, they typically think of green living and saving the planet. While we think that’s important, we have taken it a step further. Creating a healthy building environment inside of a building for tenants and residents alike, no matter the property type, helps establish a breeding ground for a positive living space and workspace.

We work with our clients to help them make choices that are smart for both the environment around them, and the planet as a whole. Whether that’s finding more-efficient appliances or simply starting a recycling initiative, we will work together to find the right solutions for every asset. Is the asset located in a market that experiences Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall? Our team knows that if the latter is the case, we plan for cost efficient landscaping plant material that will enhance curb appeal and reduce landscape maintenance.

We strive to bring innovative community-wide initiatives such as installing electric car charging stations, electronic recycling drives, paper-shredding events, and more. Considering the environment in the present and future in every way we manage will not only help save the environment, but it will preserve the lifecycle of the asset and its systems.

Melan Property Management specializes in residential and commercial for the private and government sectors. To learn more about how Melan delivers viable sustainability economically, socially, and environmentally in every way we manage, Contact us today!

What Is Viable Sustainability?