4 Essential Ingredients To Building A Successful Tech Hub

Technology is crucial to just about every aspect of life these days, but especially where business is concerned. Most jobs rely on at least some form of technology, making it one of the most sought-after focuses of education. What’s unfortunate, however, is the lack of technological “hubs” in many areas across the country. Creating and managing a successful tech hub can be both daunting and extremely rewarding. Let’s discuss what a tech hub actually is, give you four key ingredients to building a successful tech hub, and show you how a property manager is the glue that binds them all together!


A technology hub is a building or area that is dedicated to supporting its community and their collective increase in technology and business. Tech hubs allow for education and collaboration. They help foster new ideas and relationships. They provide a physical space where community members can come to start a new business, or learn what they need in order to build their dreams somewhere else. Essentially, tech hu

The Key Ingredients In Building A Successful Tech Hub


A building with an open concept and available work spaces is the first key ingredient in building a successful tech hub. Collaboration is so important in technology jobs and startups, so having the room available to do so is ideal. This can look like a large open room with desks or tables for teams to work at together. Large industrial-style rooms with many separate but open-air rooms for teams to work in is a great setup, too.

A great open space allows for the magic to happen and unicorns to be born! As Melan Property Management CEO Byrdy Kelley states, “I like the idea of creating viability for a tech hub. The first sign of success for a tech hub community is producing a unicorn. The key ingredient for a unicorn is designing a community for people to connect in an open space. The right property manager will create an environment that allows innovation and collaboration. The best ideas come from this recipe, and they lead to unicorns.”

2. Multi-Use Design

Buildings with a multi-use design also help foster a successful tech hub environment. Whether your building offers apartments, a coffee shop and/or deli, or even other businesses, you’re sure to make a bigger, more long term impact. If the tech hub users don’t have to leave the building for “essentials”, they’ll see even more value in the offering of the hub itself!

Focus and un-interruption are key for many technology-focused businesses, especially coders. Not having to take extended breaks to go somewhere else for lunch or to run errands will not only provide convenience, but will also allow them to more-appropriately focus their time and energy.

If you don’t have the option of creating or utilizing a multi-use building, this can still be accomplished. Your property manager could implement a continental breakfast, a light daily lunch, or a snack station that would be updated throughout the day. Not only will you allow them to stay in the building for longer periods of time, but you’ll make them feel more appreciated and welcomed.

3. Proximity To A College or University

If you can create your tech hub near a college or university, you will likely have more success in recruiting eager students who are soon-entering the technology field. You will also have great opportunities to collaborate with the school, possibly partnering with their Business or Technology Program. Hosting events coordinated with the schools would be a key stepping stone in growing your tech hub, as well as fostering community relationships. Many college students these days have great ideas for start-ups. However, there aren’t many work spaces for them to foster those ideas close to home.


The last key ingredient for building a successful tech hub is hiring the right property manager. Hiring a property manager is a great idea for any property owner, as they will help you make sure you are properly maintaining your buildings and help you make the most out of your investment. A great property manager will fight for you when needed, and also help you create a welcoming, sustainable community. A passionate property manager is a gift that keeps on giving!

When it comes to being a successful property manager, CEO Byrdy Kelley says, “Being a successful property manager means providing the right environment for your community whether it’s office, retail or multifamily. I am especially proud of three gentlemen I knew as little boys in a community I managed: Stefon Diggs, Trevon Diggs and Darez Diggs. Seeing them grow up and attend our resident events and knowing their mother worked hard to provide for her children will always hold a special place in my heart. The right property manager who is authentic and truly cares to create safe, viable communities will provide the right environment for people to grow and flourish into their life’s purpose. I manage from a plethora of unique adversities I’ve experienced in life; it’s just who I am.” 

Will you do your part?

The “right environment for people to grow and flourish” can 100% be a tech hub! Using your passion for community to create an open space for collaboration near a college campus could pay off huge. And not only for you, but your community, and even the world. Your building could help an aspiring entrepreneur come up with the next big idea, and it can be the building block to grow your entire community! Utilizing a multi-use building and a property manager with experience and grit could create for yourself a real unicorn in the tech business. If you create a bustling location for tech-savvy individuals, more businesses will typically follow. That’s how Silicon Valley, Austin, and Boston have become such huge tech hot spots. Technology is the future! Where do you think the next smart city or tech hub should be?

Melan Property Management - Building A Successful Tech Hub